Thursday, April 4, 2013

Which Shoes Would You Choose?

Top: Target (old)
Sweater/Blazer: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Belk
Shoes: Houndstooth Ebay (old)
Shoes: Lauren Conrad (light pink) Kohl's
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (nude) Nordstrom
Jewelry: my mom's set
Watch: Michael Kors

Today was an ugly day in NC I thought it was Spring but mother nature clearly has other plans and it was cold and raining. So I decided to grab my warm and cozy pink Boucle sweater/blazer I paired it with black skinny pants I did a simple jewelry set since the sweater has ruffles. Here I took pictures with 3 different pair of shoes houndstooth, light pink, and nude. Which would you choose? I went with the houndstooth today for a little something extra.


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