Get Fit with Me!

Are you stuck in a rut? Want to lose weight but do not have the motivation?

Like many other moms out there, I went through a period of time where I just did not feel good 
about myself. (I will let you in on a little secret: I was still wearing maternity pants 6 months 
after my youngest son was born) I did not wear makeup, I looked sloppy most of the time -- 
let’s face it I was stuck in a rut! I decided it was time for a change, and my fitness journey 
began. First, I joined the local gym and started to eat healthy, but after about 6-8 months I hit a 
wall, my workouts where not doing anything for me anymore, and even though I was still eating 
healthy I was not seeing the results I wanted.  As working mom of 2 boys I know how it is to be 
short on time, and let’s be honest who has time to be stuck in the gym for an hour?  I decided 
to become a Beachbody coach and purchased the Focus T25 challenge pack with Shakeology.  
After only one week of using the products I started feeling/seeing the changes and I felt 
AWESOME! The T25 program was perfect for me because it was just 25 minutes and I was able 
to do it at home on my own time.  Since starting the T25 program and drinking Shakeology 
every single day I am now back to my pre-baby weight, and I feel stronger and healthier than 

 *all challenge packs include a fitness program of your choice + Shakeology + a spot in my private online support/accountability group*

Focus T25
-25 minute workouts
-Intense, high impact workouts that target all areas of your body
-A 15lb Strength band comes with the challenge pack (or you can use a set of weights)

21 Day Fix
-Easy to follow portion control meal plan (life-changing)
-30 minute workouts (cardio, weights, pilates, yoga, abs)

-20 to 45 minute workouts
-Intense, low-impact Pilates/yoga hybrid (perfect for those with joint issues)
-No equipment needed

* these are just my own personal, favorite workouts! There are many more choices and we will find the right fit to help you reach your goals! Fill out the form below and we can get started on finding the right fitness and nutrition program for YOU!

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