Tuesday, April 15, 2014

La Familia De Hoy...Part 2!

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect, but all opinions are my own.

Back in November I did a post in collaboration with J&J and Latinas Bloggers Connect to help choose a spokes family for the Johnson & Johnson La Familia de Hoy.  The winning family was La Familia Jimenez they are a big family who 3 out of the 4 brothers live right next to each other.  The Jimenez Family shares a special bond.  They are constantly looking out for each other, whether is babysitting each other’s children, attending family gatherings on special occasions, getting together for weekend BBQ’s or going to Juan’s boys’ soccer games.  Their commitment in life is to pass on their traditional values and Hispanic roots in the younger generation.

I feel like my family is a lot like the Jimenez family although I do not have all of my family here we are close like the Jimenez family. Even though I do not have my family close I have some friends that are like family that they come over to my house with their kids and we have BBQ's, we go to the kids soccer games, and we also babysit for each other. Sometimes it is not about having blood relatives around if you have a close knit group of friends that can be like your family that is always a blessing. I have always know Johnson & Johnson to be a company that is based on family products and I have come to love their products for my family. Bath time at my house is always something I look forward to because it is a special bonding time with my boys where they play in the water and sometimes even give me a bath. I know that I am using products that are safe for their sensitive skin.

 I truly love this Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo and Conditioner, it leaves their hair easy to manage,well nourished, healthy, and tangle free, I also love that this is a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner which is hassle free and kills 2 birds with one stone.  The added bonus of course it is that it's tear free so it does not harm my boy's eyes.

After bath time is time to moisturize their skin and I love using the Lubiderm lotion because not only does it moisturize their skin for 24 hours but it leaves their skin super soft because it has Vitamin B5 and nutrients that are essential for your skin to great.  The lotion dries very quick and it does not leave their skin or mine (because I use it too) feeling greasy.

They had just as much fun as I did shooting this post.  Thank you all for reading! 

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Polka Dots and Ruffles For Work

Hey Loves!! I always get the morning blues and finding an outfit for work can sometime be daunting so early in the morning especially if you have kids that you also need to get ready.  So I always try my hardest to pick out an outfit the night before (which usually never happens and I need to get better at that) what usually happens is by the time my first alarm goes off and I hit the snooze for those extra 5 minute where I am half asleep and awake I start thinking of everything I have in my closet and what I could pair with it.  This is the product of one those mornings, where the whole outfit was picked in my head (it’s amazing how much you can remember lol).  I love this top because it has a subtle polka dot print with a little ruffle action around the v-neck section and you can pair this top with basically anything and everything, another thing I love about it it’s that you can belt it as it comes with a little matching sash.  Do you have any tips and tricks on how you get ready in the mornings?
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Siempre me da mucha pereza en las mañana y encontrar un atuendo para el trabajo puede ser desalentador tan temprano en la mañana y mas si tienes hijos que tienes que preparar.  Siempre intento tratar de escoger un atuendo la noche anterior (que por lo general nunca sucede y necesito mejorar eso) lo que suele ocurrir es en el momento que mi primera alarma suena y le golpeó el “snooze” para dormir 5 minutos adicionales que usualmente estoy media dormida y despierta me pongo a pensar en todo lo que tengo en mi armario y como lo puedo usar.  Este atuendo es producto de una de esas mañanas, donde todo lo eliji de mi cabeza (es increíble lo mucho que puedes recordar lol). Me encanta esta camisa porque tiene un estampado de puntitos sutil y se puede usar este top con básicamente con todo, otra cosa que me gusta es que tiene in cinturón que eso le da otro look a la camisa. ¿Ustedes que opinan tienen algunos consejos y trucos sobre cómo se prepara por las mañanas?
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Shirt/Camisa: Gift (very old), Blazer/Chaqueta: Charlotte Russe, Pants/Pantalon: H&M, Shoes/Zapatos: Thrifted, Watch/Reloj: MK, Purse/Cartera: MK via TJ Maxx, Necklace/Collar: Sira & Mara

Hope you have a fabulous week!
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Flashback Friday!

I wanted to write something is a little bit more personal in this post... as I was looking back at my first blog posts I realized how much I have changed.  I can say that I am truly happy at the change that has happened.
Let's rewind back a year or so I had just had my second baby (mind you I have 2 and they are a year and a week apart) I was back at work, I was stressed because basically raising what felt like twins.  I can admit now that I felt like I was suffering from postpartum depression and I say this because I did not feel good about myself, I was always tired (and for good reason), I did not take care of myself, and I often felt sadness and loneliness even though I was surrounded by friends and family.  There was/is still a part of me that misses my mother terribly and this was just enhanced when I had my kids, the fact that I did not have her around to share this joy and to be with me just made me extremely sad.  I was often wearing maternity clothing well past the time you should be wearing them, I did not wear makeup, I did not do my hair... I basically felt and look like crap.  So I began reading fashion blogs, it was something that I could do for myself even if it was just 10 minutes.  I have always loved fashion, I was the type of kid that played with her mother's shoes and purses it was just something that I liked.  the more I read the more I knew that I needed to do something about how I was feeling.  One day at work I was dressed poorly and I went to the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I looked in the mirror and looked at myself and it was like what are you doing... you need to get yourself together! from that moment on I started changing the way I dressed, I out more effort into the way I looked and boy did it make a difference I started feeling good again, that was followed by joining the gym and that is how the process of change started.   

I have noticed that my style has changed too I want to share some of my first outfits where I was still trying to figure out my own personal style, which I think is a process that everyone goes through in life especially when I also had a new role of being a mom so I needed to figure out a way to dress appropriately but at the same time be chic. 

 so this is not completely awful but its definitely not very flattering. 

What was I thinking wearing those sunnies? the rest of the outfit is not bad but those sunglasses I think made the entire outfit look like way too much is going on.

If you follow me now you can see how my style has changed and what a difference a year can make, I continue to learn each day.  I have learned that in order to take good care of others we must first take care of ourselves and as moms we sometimes tend to put ourselves last when in reality we should put ourselves first because how can we take care of someone else if we cannot take care of ourselves. 


Sorry for the long post I just felt the maybe this can help someone out there that may be going through a similar situation that I went through and if my little blog can lift anyone's spirit than I feel like I have done my job!

Have a great weekend.  

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Feeling A Little Gray.

 Hey Loves! Happy Monday... Do you ever wake up feeling a little gray? Well that is how I felt when I put this outfit together, maybe it has been all the stress lately.  I actually like the way this outfit turned out it is an easy easy mommy chic outfit just switch out the booties for a cute air of flats.  Have you ever picked out an outfit that matches your mood?  Don't forget to enter my giveaway here

 Sweater: Peter Pilotto for Target, Jeans: HM, Booties: Madden Girl via Belk, Purse: Micheal Kors via TJ Maxx, Watch: MK, Necklace: Lola Blue the Closet

Hope you have a fabulous week.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Transitioning Into Spring.....Finally!

Helloooo My Loves!! How is everyone doing on this lovely rainy Thursday? So as you can see I have been a little behind this week.. it just seems like everything has come up from every angle.  I am going to apologize in advance for the picture quality on these pics I really don't know what happened to my camera.  So the weather has been gradually getting better here in NC, and when I think of Spring it just warms my heart the only thing that I really don't like is that fact that some days it is still cold in the morning and super hot in the afternoon so a perfect way to dress for this weather is to add a blazer to anything that you are wearing, it will help keep you warm and let's face it a blazer adds instant chicness (I don't know if that is really a word but I am going with it) to any outfit.  What are you spring tips?

Shirt: American Eagles (thrifted) (love this style), Blazer: HM (similar), Pants: LEI via Walmart, Shoes: Nine West (similar), Purse: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx (love this option), Sunnies: Ray-Ban, Necklace: Ily Couture (here), Watch: Michael Kors

I had to put this picture in here because I love the way my hair turned out that day =)
Hope you are having a fabulous week!
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