Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meet MagSoul!

Hey Loves!! Happy Thursday!! almost done with the work week and I am so glad because it has been a busy week.  And I am looking forward to the weekend to relax at home...

I bring to you MagSoul Shop this little boutique with lots of fabulous scarves and other goodies (think skirts) I first encountered MagSoul through social media, I made contact with her and we hit it off from the start she is so down to earth and such a talented woman, I knew right away that I wanted to work with her.  She agreed and here we are!!!  
This is Mags story:
In 2009, my sister sent me this little hair clip with a single spotted guinea feather on it. It was so beautiful. Back in those days, I hadn't found my fashion identity yet, so I was very into accessories. Plus accessories were what I could afford on a single mama budget. So I had this little hair clip, and I loved it. I also had a glue gun, and a serious broken heart, so I needed a hobby! I went out and bought some supplies and made a batch of hair clips using feathers and vintage brooches. I sold my first set at my friends boutique, Pollux.
Everything grew from there-all of my friends supported MagSoul from the beginning. A couple months later, we had a "debut party" and within a year, I was attending shows, markets, and my hair accessories and jewelry were being sold in five stores.
Flash forward to the end of 2012, we had moved from Colorado to  Hickory, and been there for a year. I had opened a small boutique, with the goal of always featuring handmade accessories. Having a brick and mortar shop is very hard (and very expensive!). It was always a struggle to find more than a couple local "makers" who were making on trend products.  Also, I really wanted more scarves for my shop, but had to spend my inventory dollars on clothes. So one night, I ran down to Hancocks and whipped up a batch of infinities...They sold out the next day. So I just kept making them. It has changed my business a lot, and brought me down paths I never saw coming. I have had to give up on certain things and push hard to achieve others. When my customers writes me to say they felt beautiful in something I made, that is everything to they feel in one of my creations! (it helps to use really soft fabrics ;)  

I just love her story, how through heart ache and pain she found her calling and has shined and succeeded at what she does which is making fabulous handmade scarves, skirt, turbans, etc... Her fabric is so buttery soft it just makes you feel warm and cozy while looking chic and fabulous at the same time, and the best part is the you will not break the bank because she has amazing prices.  Keep up with Mags on Instagram and Facebook because she always has exciting thing s going on.

For this outfit I am wearing MagSoul's triple infinity scarf what I love about this scarf if that you have 3 scarfs in one.  You can change it around to showcase a different part of the scarf with each outfit you wear. The material is just so soft it is like wearing an old t-shirt but obviously way cuter.   

Sweater: Old Navy, Jacket: c/o Conversation Pieces (here), Scarf: c/o MagSoul Shop (here), Pants: LEI via Walmart, Shoes: ebay (old), Sunnies: Ray-Ban

And I will leave you with a message from Mags: 

Fashion is for everyone, but unfortunately women do not always feel confident in the clothes, let alone their own skin- I would love to change that! If wearing a scarf makes you feel trendy, or if one of my skirts makes your curves look hot (because I don't use elastic!) then I am winning :)

My thoughts on this is to love who you are and don't give in to what society wants you to be, we as women have to empower each other not bring each other down.  Help one another because no one else will, we are women and we need to stick together.

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  1. cute outfit and scarf, and so true we di need to empower each other.

  2. Love the scarf

    xx Valerie

  3. Beautiful look! Thanks for the information on the scarf because I love to tie in a scarf on looks. You are beautiful as always & always know how to put a gorgeous look together. Have a wonderful day.

  4. thanks Ladies!!

    Lisa -- thank you so much for your sweet comment!! definitely check her out if you love scarves you will love what she has...



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