Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How To Add A Touch Of Metallic *Product Review*

So I was perusing through Wal-Mart last night waiting for my son's medicine to be ready (which if you use Wal-Mart you know it's like watching paint dry) and I saw a clearance rack where they had quite a bit of items for nails so I decided to buy a few and do a couple of reviews.  For this post I am going to review a Sally Hansen nail polish that I bought for $4 (original price was $6.48) I fell in love with the color which is called Wedding Glitters which is a sparkly gold metallic color.  I must say that so far I am loving it, it dries really quickly and although I've only had it on since last night I can tell that it's going to last for a few days since I washed dishes (twice) today and I did not use gloves and the color did not chip.  This is a good way to add a little touch of metallic to any outfit.  So this is definitely a keeper!

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I love when the sun hits to color it is very sparkly... It is so girly with an edge

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