Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Want You To Meet Linell Ellis!!

Hey Loves! Hope everyone is doing great lately it seems like my time management is not on my side, I am sorry for being MIA on the blog and I promise I will get better at this.  About month ago through social media I met the lovely Linell Ellis she is a handbag designer based in the east coast she along with her husband decided to take the plunge and do what they both love.  Linell has an eye for picking out gorgeous prints with bold colors.  This purse is buttery soft and it is very spacious, the color is so vibrant this blue color is simply amazing it will add color to all your outfits.  One thing that I love about Linell is her outlook of life this is what drives her to do what she does.  This is what she says: 
The Live Completely motto is centered around living life to its fullest. We should take our time and embrace the experiences and emotions that fill our lives. These are what create memories. True luxury is found in our experiences.

The Turtle logo represents this philosophy. The Turtle moves slowly through life so as to not miss anything. Her life is long and memorable. The shell is her safety and shield. It’s where she goes when things get tough or she needs to rest.

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 I wanted the bag to stand out so for this look I went with darker colors to make sure the bag just popped.  The purse that I have here is the Vesta Hobo in Lagoon Blue and I can't get enough of this bag it is just beautiful.

 Shirt: Peter Pilotto via Target, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Ross, Bag: c/o Linell Ellis, Necklace: Ily Couture, Sunnies: Ray-Ban, Watch: MK

Hope you have a great rest of the week!
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  1. You look fabulous as usual, and what a great bag, love the color. Also great necklace.

  2. Thanks Berty!! It really is a gorgeous bag!


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