Wednesday, February 5, 2014


A couples weeks ago I received an email from a company called Kidecals, they are a decal/label company.  They asked me to do a review on their products and I gladly accepted because as I browsed through their website I saw the products that they have and immediately was drawn to a product called Keycals.  As fashion,beauty, and lifestyle bloggers we are constantly on our computers so why not spruce our keyboard to look as fabulous as we do.  I chose the Graffiti style Keycals, and I must say I LOVE it!! granted you have to put them on one by one but it is so worth it.  It gives the keyboard an instant makeover, I am so glad I chose the graffiti keycals because it's definitely my style.  The Keycals are created for Mac keyboards only but when I spoke to the company they mentioned that they know that it also fits the Dell XPS13, and also said Keycals should fit most computers the only keys that tend to be different are the function keys ( the top row of keys) and so those would remain blank.  If you have specific models you want me to inquire about leave a comment below!

Pros: gives a keyboard a great look, can easily be removed, does not leave a goo residue on the keys, fast delivery.
Cons: you have to put them on 1 by 1

Overall I am really loving this product, I like the look and feel that it gives my laptop.  I feel that it fits my personality and my style.  Kidecal is giving all City Hip in a Country Zip readers 15% off so that you can try it too all you have to do is enter the code: fashion at check out and an added bonus is that they offer free shipping on all order no matter how much you buy! so check them out I know you will love them as much as I do.

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